Interview with Wayne Brady: Why Privileged White Men Like Bill Maher Shouldn’t Make Racist Jokes


“Bill Maher has never walked in my shoes or any black man’s shoes,” Brady continued to HuffPo, bringing upremarks he made last July on Aisha Tyler‘s podcast in which he suggested that Maher dating black women did not make him an expert on being black.

“Just because you’ve done that, now you’ve lived the black experience? Now you’re down? No,” he reiterated this week.

“The fact of the matter is…the black man in his mind is stereotypical ‘What?’ ‘You know, that dude.’ That guy exists, but that’s not the range of the black experience,” Brady continued. “So then, when I meet you, when I talk to you again, I’ll give you that black dude, and I will beat your ass in public. And that’s what I said.”

Ultimately, Brady acknowledged that Maher has quite the following, and it’s the impressionable folks who might be listening that concern him.

“When Bill Maher says something like that, he has a segment of America’s ear,” Brady concluded. “So when he says that, that’s OK for somebody at home to go, ‘That’s right. Guys that actually talk well and are black, that’s not black. I like my blacks misunderstandables.’ [Thanks for the new word, Wayne.] Yeah, so, that hurts me. Not hurts me me, that hurts me for our culture, because the fact of the matter is, I love our culture.”

Maher has not responded to Brady’s latest comments, but perhaps he’ll address the reinvigorated feud on Friday’s new episode of Real Time.


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