headscarf perk #5

Hilarious questions I’ve gotten for wearing a headscarf:

“Do you shower with it?” (absolutely; it’s great for hygiene)



“Do you have hair?” (no, i don’t need hair, i have a headscarf)



“Can you hear with it on?” (what?)



“Can I see your hair right now? Just really quickly?!” (of course, honey)

…but no.



“Do people, like, have to bow down to you while you’re wearing that in your country?” (YES, i am queen)



“Do you know the guy you’ve been arranged to marry?” (yes, he’s gorge – looks just like Chris Pine, only 50 yrs old)



“But you can take it off when you go clubbing, right?” (obviously. a girl must ‘club’)



“Omg, does this mean you can write in, like, hieroglyphic or whatever? Can you write my name?” (lion doodle, lion doodle, eagle, phallic symbol, disguised smiley face, lion doodle)

        > “Omg, you’re welcome.”




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