Dystopian Cairo, 2013

An excellent photojournalistic piece appeared on businessinsider.com on May 23, 2013, entitled “The Muslim Brotherhood Has Turned Cairo Into A Dystopia.” The piece contains a series of skillfully combined photos and captions that depict the violence, prostitution, poverty, and disillusionment gripping Cairo under the so-called “Muslim Brotherhood.” The following introduction is provided for the photo-set, and a number of the photos are shown below:

When Egyptians took to the streets to overthrow an oppressive government in 2011, the world was on their side.

But in the two years that followed, as Arab Spring turned to Arab Winter, and Egyptians fell under the rule of the oppressive new government of Mohammed Morsi and the Muslim Brotherhood, the world has looked away.

This is what Egyptians told us when we visited Cairo at the end of March 2013.

Many disillusioned Egyptians say things are worse than ever. Thugs often run the streets, crime rates have skyrocketed, and police feel they’re outgunned, faced with the flood of weapons filling Cairo’s streets.

Making matters worse, everything from utilities to gasoline is both more expensive and more difficult to acquire than it was before the Muslim Brotherhood.

This man could do nothing when gangs came and broke the massive custom window in his family’s Cairo shop. Replacing it would cost more than he can afford.

This elderly man lies alone in a pile of trash. Social services have completely broken down.

There are those who don’t even enjoy basic electricity, like this woman who lives in the dark in Dar al-Salaam.

These three men all hold college degrees but are unable to find jobs in their field. Having a family remains a distant, impossible dream.

This woman collects trash to take to a recycling center for a living. People get by however they can.

There are up to 50,000 homeless youths still roaming Cairo. Forced to steal and beg to survive, they significantly add to the crime problem.

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