Girl, 13, dies after ‘barbaric’ genital mutilation surgery


female genital mutilation

A teenage girl has died during an illegal circumcision in Egypt.

Suhair al-Bata’a suffered ‘a sharp drop in blood pressure resulting from shock trauma’, officials said.

Her father, farmer Mohammed Ibrahim, said: ‘I waited half an hour, hoping that my daughter would wake up but, unfortunately, unlike the rest of the girls, she did not.’

Police are questioning the doctor who performed the operation and called for an autopsy following 13-year-old Suhair’s death in a village north of Cairo last Thursday.

Her sister was said to have been circumcised by the same doctor two years ago. Egypt outlawed female genital mutilation after a 12-year-old died in 2007.

Soad Shalaby, a spokeswoman for Egypt’s National Council for Women, said: ‘The parents are acting under a false traditional custom.

‘They are ignorant, it’s not Islamic. I don’t think punishing them will help.

‘The government has to be more strict in enforcing the…

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