Ethiopians in Egypt Experience Racist Backlash in Response to Ethiopia’s Decision to Build Renaissance Dam

From an Ahram online piece:

Yehia Mohamed, another Ethiopian refugee belonging to the Oromo tribe, said, “Sunday’s protest comes after we have suffered harassment by some Egyptians due to the Ethiopian government’s decision to build the Renaissance Dam.”

The Ethiopian government has decided, to the dismay of the Egyptian government, to build the controversial Renaissance dam.

Unfortunately, (really unfortunately), anger at the Ethiopian government’s decision has resulted in a racist backlash against Ethiopian people in Egypt. Racism isn’t a new phenomenon in Egypt, so I wouldn’t even be sharing this if it weren’t for something in this article that I find totally disturbing. A number of the Ethiopian protesters who are quoted in the article say something along the lines of ‘we don’t even support Ethiopia’s decision to go forward with the dam,’ implying that this means they do not deserve this racist harassment from other Egyptians. I just found it extremely depressing that we have created an environment where people feel they need to provide a reason for why they should not be harassed for racist reasons.


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