Obama, False Promises and Gitmo

From a recent report on rt.com:

The US State Department is expected on Monday to announce the appointment of a new lawyer to oversee the closure of the infamous Guantanamo Bay prison.

Cliff Sloan, a Washington lawyer, will take on the post, according to sources familiar with the decision.


Attorney David Remes, who represents 17 Gitmo detainees, spoke to RT more than a month ago, sharing his predictions and arguing that Obama offered the “same empty promises” everyone heard before.

“He continues to defend indefinite detention, he is going to appoint an envoy who has no power to do anything beyond what Obama allows him to do, and he keeps blaming Congress for the problem when he has the authority to transfer men,” Remes told RT. “My fear is that people will conclude, from listening to this speech, that there is forward motion, that the problem is solved, Guantanamo is closed, and everybody can go on to other things.”

The uncertain nature of the prisoners’ futures after a decade of detention (often without charge or evidence) has driven them to desperate measures with a collective hunger strike, now involving 104 out of 166 prisoners. This has led to the harrowing ordeal of force-feeding – something that was later discovered to be a very temporary option that could not sustain a person’s life in a healthy way. That is not to mention the argument that many thought that depriving a person of their right to peaceful protest goes against the international principles of human rights.

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