It was honestly so much easier back when I only had to explain I wasn’t a nun. Whereas now I have to explain how Im not a terrorist. #Islam— Assia Amry(@Libyan4life) May 22, 2013



Principal tells my brother he’s no longer allowed in his own group work. He’s replaced with a white boy that’s not even in his class. This boy and the rest of the group are the ones to meet the President and be on local newspaper. With his science project on the front. 

My brother is devastated.  He cried so hard the entire night. He was frustrated, confused, angry and shocked. 

The principal asks my brother to join the group again right after they other boys have met the president. My brother joins but he’s raging. He’s wary. The president will never know that the boy who made the science project that was on the newspapers was him. A black boy.

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David Floyd – Lead Plaintiff in Massive Lawsuit Against NYC Stop-and-Frisk Policy

“This type of activity [stop-and-frisk] is unacceptable. It’s unacceptable…And I don’t like walking around…uh…feeling like…I’m being treated like a nigger. And I will say that because that’s what it feels like when people stop you and threaten to take your freedom away.” – David Floyd