From Ainee Fatima’s (the girl featured above) facebook



From Ainee Fatima’s (the girl featured above) facebook page:

Many people have already found my feature in Seventeen Magazine, so I am really excited to finally talk about this after hiding it for two months!

As of May 20th, I am the first Hijabi to be featured in Seventeen magazine. I’ve read this magazine growing up and I had never seen anyone who looked like me but now I’ve been immensely blessed to be featured in an internationally known magazine around the world.

I’m really humbled and honored to announced that I’m working with Gucci, Beyonce for her campaign, Chime for Change and Seventeen Magazine to unite and strengthen the voices speaking out for girls and women around the world. 

I would like to thank everyone who has always continued to support me since I began writing. I would like to thank my parents and siblings for supporting me in their own weird way but being proud of me regardless. I would like to thank God for bringing these opportunities in my life, for blessing me with an amazing coach and slam team. Thank you to Rossie Rodgers-AlanisAris TheotokatosNoor Hasan, Hera Shakir and Chase Langston for being there when I didn’t have a voice and helping me find it through years of tears and even more laughter. Thank you to my coach, Mr. Bellwoar who pushed me to write and encourage me when no one else believed in me. Thank you to Kevin Coval and Robbie Q. Telfer for Louder Than a Bomb and it’s wonderful community, I wouldn’t be the poet I am today without this and the inspiration you guys give me. To old and new friends who have been by my side and supported the work I do.

The issue is in stores all over the world, on itunes, amazon and kindle. Please make sure to buy a copy to show your support, it would mean so much! – Ainee Fatima